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Bolga Baskets

$ 55.00

  • GREAT FOR PICNICS, SHOPPING AND BEACH. If you’re planning to go for grocery shopping, to the beach, swimming, picnic or any other outing, this bag fits in perfectly. It can also be used as an organizer for your home.
  • HANDMADE: They are made from Ghana’s natural organic elephant.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We prioritize quality and we are confident you will love them.
  • OCCASIONS: They can also be used when going to the beach, shopping, picnics and other outings. They are also a perfect fit for a bohemian décor.

These Bolga baskets are perfectly made to suit all your travel needs.

  • How to use; Dampen with cold water and use your hand to reshape it to its original appearance and let it dry completely before use.


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